Rolf Kipp Double Diamond Manager Germany

Rolf Kipp Double Diamond Manager from Germany

Thanks to my parents, I found out about FOREVER. My mom had a kidney disease, which caused her skin to be paper-thin. My father, who unfortunately died 2 years ago, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. All of our friends were trying to help by suggesting different kinds of medications, different types of foods. At that time (10 years ago), I read an interview with Mr. Rex Maughan, founder of FOREVER and really wanted to found out about their products. I sent fax to United States headquarters and literally next day received a reply from the person who was in charge of German territory. I decided that I should to develop my network (downline) in Germany. At that time German market was not open for FOREVER and very few people were familiar with FOREVER products. I personally wanted to familiarize myself with the products. To be honest, at first I recommended the products to my parents and they had unbelievable success. My parents felt better right away. My Mom looked younger, you could see the effect especially on her skin. My father also said that he felt better and he continued to drink Aloe Vera Juice almost until his death. Doctors were shocked that he had lived a lot longer than the time they had estimated after the diagnosis. I also started to use FOREVER products and also felt positive effects from using the products: I wasn’t tired; I felt energized and was sleeping a lot better. This is why I decided that every person should know about FOREVER products.

10 years ago I didn’t understand that you could also make money with FOREVER. At that time I just realized that the FOREVER products were great! Everybody needs that toothpaste and shampoo. Actually, these are everyday products for every person. I don’t need to make people understand that all synthetic products they have at their homes can be easily replaced with natural products based on Aloe Vera. But to be honest with you, I didn’t think about it at that time as business. In those years I worked in the sports equipment field, was busy 12-14 hours a day; I didn’t have any time for any supplemental (part-time) job. I wanted to tell all this as an introduction, how I got familiar with FOREVER. Today I use these products, my mom also uses them, and she became my right hand. Actually my parents became my first distributors and retail customers. And my mom, who is now 68 years old, and my father who I mentioned is dead, started to distribute FOREVER products in the Frankfurt suburbs.

And now I can tell you that in the last month I received the exact number of my distributors and this number is 2.2 Million distributors around the world. My biggest monthly check from FOREVER was 900,000 euro.

This was the biggest check that was ever paid by FOREVER. For example, my last months’ check was 600,000 euro. Just 10 years ago my parents and I started this business. Just think – only 3 people who fell in love with these products and started to use them. To this day we love these products and are very loyal to them. This has helped us to create global organization throughout the whole world. Why am I telling you all of this? Because every one of you can do it. Everyone of you is able to do it. When I started 10 years ago, the situation wasn’t that great. The nutritional standard of food wasn’t that high as it is today. But even then this business was a lot more simple than sales of sports equipment. I understood FOREVER marketing plan in about 10 min. Of course, I need training and as you can see, I needed 10 years to perfect my knowledge and experience. I was telling around about FOREVER products, offered to try these products to everyone who I met, and every time when somebody bought the product, I offered the person to get into the business to be able to buy this product at a lower price. This is what I do for 10 years now. You can imagine what kind of success I got.

Let’s concentrate on business aspects of my job. At first, I was working at FOREVER part-time. Do you know why? Because I’m typical German. I’m very skeptical to all new things. I needed to make money for my family. I needed to support my wife, my son, who turned 13 today. And I also thought that this was some kind of questionable venture, that’s why first few years I worked part-time. Most of managers in my down line, “Diamond” and others started to work full time right away because they are probably much brave people in character, when it took me 1.5 years to realize that this is the main job of my life. Since then, I dedicated myself to this business. At first, or course, my success was small since I knew nothing about Multi-level marketing. I was just asking people around if anybody wanted to our company’s products. I was trying to tell people that if they liked the product and would like to get it at discounted prices – they should join the company. But few months later I stopped this tactic and do you know why? Because people that I talked to felt I was making them do something against their will, pushing them too hard to join our business. Without a doubt, these are the mistakes that all people make in the beginning. One day I got a phone call from the person who was responsible for German market. He explained to me that there is no need to push and nag people. You should talk to 10-15 people form your circle, who would want to find out more about the company and company’s business. It was explained to me that FOREVER does large amount of work helping their distributors. Company does accounting, manufacturing and delivering products to distributors and clients. I simply didn’t understand how I can use that to make money. Again, it was explained to me that this was compensation for talking about products of the company. And I very quickly understood that. I also understood that sooner or later every Distributor gets tired and doesn’t work as actively and enthusiastically as he did in the beginning. But compensation to which distributor became accustomed, Distributor wants to retain and actually multiply.

That’s why it is very important in the beginning not only do not let yourself relax, but keep working on the development of your organization.

At first we were all far away from the enormous amounts of money and level of professionalism at which we are today. Everything was really part-time. But I fell in love with FOREVER Products and that passion, that enthusiasm – this is what drove me, this is why I talked to people and constantly tried to recruit people in my organization.

A year and a half later my income from FOREVER was a double from what I was making by selling sports equipment. At that time I think I made 40,000 deutsche mark.

I thought that I could already quit my sports equipment job and continue with FOREVER, only with this company, and actually this was the time when I made most of my mistakes, which cost me a lot of time, money and nerves. In the beginning, I complicated this business. I had made something difficult and complicated from something very simple. I wanted to order fancy business cards and stationary and most of my time I spent on the administrative tasks and I had no time left to meet with people. This “testing” period continued for about a year. As Henry Ford one time said, “if you try to create something big, great you should try from something simple, because only simple is able to reproduce and multiply”. I can compare our FLP business with Bill Gates’ Microsoft. When he started to work in the technology field in his own laboratory in garage, Microsoft Company was many light years away from the status this person had acquired by now, status of the wealthiest person in the world. But he was thinking about how to simplify computers and this was the main concept, which made him very rich. FOREVER operates the same way: the less complicated the business itself, the more easier it is to duplicate, more people can say: “We can also do it! We are able to do it!” That’s why our company had such successful growth. These words are addressed to those people who are in this business almost a year or less. We should constantly thin about how to make it less complicated, how to make our business more comprehensible, so everyone, even our most weak distributor can understand how it all works and how to get maximum success in somewhat short period of time. As for the best (distributors), without a doubt – sky is the limit. You should always think about how to simplify your business. And when I got that, I, for example tried to work on my presentation every day, tried to perfect it to be the most effective and comprehensible, I tried to make every presentation simple and understandable for the people of all levels without special training. I recommend writing down everything at your meetings, seminars that you have in your company, always have with you a voice-recorder. Write down everything at the presentations, so you can control, how evolves your professionalism. I gave out tapes with my presentation to my friends, colleagues, co-workers in my organization, different presentations regarding our products, our business and marketing plan. We understood that this way our presentations can be used more effectively. And of course, our business grows due to involvement of new people and the less it is complicated, the more understandable it is for every one, we have more chances to build large organization. Because everything you do should be easily duplicated.

I see Amnon, who is sitting in the first row, my dear friend. When I started to work at FOREVER and was working full time I had colossal ambitions, I wanted to accomplish a lot, I wanted to run away, I wanted to work in different countries and I think myself and Amnon were very lucky and that’s why we achieved great success.

For the first 5 years I had worked with pressure. I worked 7 days a week; I got up at 7 in the morning and went to bed at 10 at night. I spent all of my time on presentations, conversations with potential clients, potential distributors, I scheduled meetings for large groups of people every day, which was actually needed. All of you know that a lot of people who has been invited don’t show up when we schedule our meetings. There were instances when we would invite people to our largest room in Frankfurt location for 120 people and room had stayed empty. I was also ordering appetizers-buffet for 120 people. Once, I will never forget this, we had made an appointment for 2PM. It was a very cold winter and besides Mr. Viker and his wife – managers of our organization, and myself nobody else showed up. I thought that somebody running behind schedule, maybe somebody is being late. I think half an hour past and then our first person showed up – Mrs. Muter. This lady, who was actually a guy in her past life, with unbelievable makeup, taller than me, wearing size 13 high heel shoes. She sat down in the first row. Our second guest was mother of my friends, very respectable, older lady. You can only imagine, what kind of impression she was under. She couldn’t run away only because she was an elderly lady. So I was giving a speech to a large auditorium – only two people and despite everything, I sat down in front of them and told them about our plans working in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I had a 100% success because both of our guests joined the company. I can honestly tell you why they did – we paid for their taxi home and also let them take home all appetizers that we made for everyone invited. It was a great lesson. I always smile when I think about it, especially when my distributors tell me that they invited 5 people and only 3 showed up. For real, I always smile, because I invited 100 people and only 2 came. Now I know that it’s a part of our business and we should take a calm approach, it is normal and that’s the way it is. You can’t always control everything and the only person whom I can and I should control – it’s myself. Many people try to change the world when they get involved in this business. First of all, we should start with ourselves. We should get very familiar with the business we’re in. Besides that, we should know how to work with people, learn to determine who is ready to join us today, who may be ready in a year, which may become an excellent customer and who is not into this business at all. Honestly, if we work on the professional level, the amounts of “no” we receive should decrease. I practically don’t encounter situation where I get totally rejected. There is no need to press on people; we just have to explicitly show how great our company is and our products, considering the fact that many people are oriented to lead a healthy life. Without a doubt, many people are trying to live that way.

Going back to my biography, I want to say that Germany was too small for me – there were only 62 million people living there. I thought that I could try to work in Switzerland, because there are German-speaking people there. I started to publish small advertisements in the newspapers and Amnon was one of the first people I met in Switzerland. Back then our products weren’t yet officially distributed in the Switzerland and considering my FOREVER income at that time I had a very small car – Ford Fiesta and few times a month I was loading my car with our products and just as contraband brought it to Switzerland. This trip took me 4 hours; I was leaving products with Amnon and going back to Germany to continue to work. We had meetings and I remember one time I came back form Switzerland very late. Meeting in Zurich ended at 9:30 at night and I got behind the wheel, I had to go back because I had no money to stay in the hotel in Switzerland. I was dead tired, I realized that I couldn’t drive anymore and I should park my car and go to sleep for a little while. I found a rest stop, closed the doors, windows and went to sleep. I woke up because a policeman was banging on the window and my car was squashed. Apparently, some truck squashed my car, but I didn’t even wake up. I’m telling you this because other people say that they excelled in our company only by good luck. In my case success came with hard, intense work and enthusiasm. In the beginning, many people that I spoke to said “No”. One time a friend of mine wanted to give our products as a present to his friend in Hungary. One day I was sitting in my office and all of a sudden a big, fat man showed up, who most likely just woke up. We tried talking to him, we couldn’t understand what he wanted, and he only spoke Hungarian. We couldn’t speak to him neither in English nor in German, we communicated by sign language. Apparently, he came from Hungary; spent 16 hours behind the wheel of his Volkswagen on his way to Frankfurt from Hungary. He came at night and slept all night in the car by my office. He thought that FLP products he received as a gift were so wonderful and special and probably very hard to get, so he thought that if he didn’t come first in the middle of the night – he wouldn’t be able to get them. Here’s what happened. When this man received the gift, he was very skeptical, he put the products aside, but it just so happened that his little daughter by accident fell off the bike and scratched her knee. He remembered about Aloe spray from his gift package and decided to spray the wound. The knee started to heel in front of his eyes, blood stopped coming out and heeling process went very fast. That’s why this person who appreciated the effect of these products, immediately went to Frankfurt so he can buy more magical stuff. I offered him coffee and sandwich for his enthusiasm, gave him a few products as a gift; he also bought our products and went back to Hungary. Again he was behind the wheel for 16 hours – but he was happy! I got to say that at that time we didn’t have out office in Hungary. And this guy, Joseph Sabo, came from Hungary to Frankfurt every month and every time he brought with him someone new. Pretty soon he had to rent a bus. It was a whole delegation that came every month from Hungary. These people could not afford to spend a lot, they spent from $20-$100 on FOREVER products. After they completed their purchases, the got on the bus and went back home. A year and a half later was an opening of Hungarian market. I went there, they gave me translator and told me that my presence was essential on the opening ceremony. I asked how many people were expected and I was told that in Hungary there were a total of 100-150 people who work or tried to work in FOREVER. They brought me to the luxury hotel in Budapest. Everything was organized in American style: huge hall, you had to walk 10 steps on the gorgeous staircase covered in luxurious rug. I put on my best suit. And at the end of the staircase, this Joseph Sabo was waiting for me. He was wearing his usual suit; he had only one at that time, and tie. He was dressed the same way as when he first came to me in Frankfurt. Luckily, he had a few shirts, and he periodically changed them, many of you had seen him on the photographs. Most likely you had seen him in the United States, big guy with mustache. He jumped on me with hugs and kisses and started to thank me that I came. And two of us, just like bride and groom, descended from the staircase, onto the carpet that brought us to a large ballroom. The ballroom was packed. There were anywhere from 1500 to 2000 people in there instead of 150-200, and in the open space in front of the ballroom, there were another 1000 of people who didn’t fit inside. And the hugs and kisses started again and I told Joseph through the interpreter: “Joseph, you told me that there is going to be 150-200 guests. Where did you get all of these people from?” He told me that is was a special surprise they prepared for me, it was my downline, which had a total of 5000 people in it. You can only imagine my total surprise when 4-5 months later I received a check from Hungary in the amount of more than $30,000. And all of it started from one person who was ready to invest his time and work into his success, a person who was truly enthusiastic about our business and products. You remember that he used to spend 16 hours on the trip form Hungary to Frankfurt and, of course in the end, he was greatly compensated. He became the first millionaire in Hungary. Most likely he has the largest organization and now it’s spread throughout 40 other countries in the world. Today he already built a mansion, not a house, in one of the most prestigious suburbs of Budapest. He is totally free and financially independent individual, and he of course changes his shirt every day now, and he’s suits are OK too. He quit smoking, lost weight. Well, actually, today he’s a different person. And only because he believed in his dream, he believed in our products and our company. I lived through very moving moments in Hungary. Hungarians always invited me everywhere. So in his car Joseph and I went around to visit all of his distributors, we had meetings there. I felt as if I were a mannequin. What happened was Joseph couldn’t translate everything to me that was said; you know that I don’t speak Hungarian. So, just like that, I was traveling everywhere with him for 2 weeks. To this day, I have no idea what he was talking about all of that time with other people. It was both of us who wanted to be successful and believed in it. For New Years Eve I was again invited to Hungary. I flew there hoping that I will rest for a day or two, but Joseph and his wife picked me up at the airport and for three hours we were going somewhere and ended up somewhere in the deep suburbs, in some kind of hotel. I asked where was my room; I wanted to rest a little bit. Joseph explained to me that there were only two rooms in this hotel. First room occupied his wife with another lady-distributor; second room was for Joseph and myself. I just wanted to lie down, I was dead tired, but the answer was “No!” I was supposed to get familiar with the town and Hungarian cooking. I got to tell you that Hungarian food is not easily digested; particularly this feels at nighttime. Joseph was lying next to me and besides the snoring, there were a lot of other sounds coming from him and of course I had no sleep and the next morning I was more tired than after arrival. I told him then: “Joseph, go take a shower”. When he left I fell asleep immediately, but it only lasted 10-15 minutes. Joseph tried to get me out of the room: “Listen, people are waiting for us, we got to go”. I said, “Listen, if I don’t go to sleep right now – I’m going to die”. Finally, he showed signs of humanity and left me alone. I was so tired that I thought that it has been only 10 minutes since I fell asleep when I was already woke up again. This time the distributors came to celebrate New Years Eve in the warm company of FOREVER people. Of course I had to participate as VIP. Later on I tried to go upstairs to my room to get some rest, but it just so happens that everyone that came left their clothes in my room. This was the only place where they could do it. Later on they took back all their clothes. And when I finally made it to my room I found the bus driver and his wife in my bed. I thought what did I do to deserve this? This is how I celebrated the New Year’s Eve.

Something similar happened in Romania. I don’t speak Romanian, and it was pretty bad there with English or German. I was introduced to one gentleman. I was wearing my good suit I put on for presentations. I told him that I would like to setup a meeting, tell people about FOREVER. This meeting took place in some village. We were getting there for about an hour and a half. They brought us to some barn where the meeting was taking place. I went in the in my tuxedo and the projector. People started to come in wearing very strange hats. I asked where can I plug in my projector and was told there was no electricity in this building. There was a board and I thought I could use it in my presentation. I asked for a rag to clean up the board. Then people told me that there was no chalk, somebody stole it. It’s all funny now, but back then I was shaking from the cold and asking myself “Dear God, what am I doing here?” But I decided to continue. I finished my presentation, I told people about our products. A person in the strange overalls was translating. All of my speech was fragmented. I spoke for 3-4 minutes, and then stopped, the translator didn’t react and I continued. Sometimes he would say 1-2 sentences. Finally I finished my presentation. There was no reaction from the people and then I reached into my pocket, pulled out a handkerchief, stretched my hands in front of me and said “YOO-HOO!” Only after that there was some reaction on the faces of people. The road to success in not just one crazy presentation, it’s the only way to get people involved in our business. Reasonable flexibility is needed. You have to build some kind of relationships with potential distributors and only then people will listen to you. Only then the potential to build your own organization may be born and it’s what I did for the last 10 years – familiarized people with FOREVER products. There is no risk, no investment, and company guaranties quality. I summarized it by offering people to buy our products at discounted prices, which they could only do by becoming distributors. I also knew that I could achieve anything by helping others to succeed. This is my secret plus the fact that I try to lead a healthy life. This business brings people longevity and stable income and this is what I do for the last 10 years and it is so easy that anybody can do it.

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